Buying advertising space across Africa, made easy...

Let us assist you with advertising rates, information, implementation and administration.

About Marnox Media

Marnox Media was established in September 2002 as an independent media/advertising representative company, which buys media into Africa for print, radio, television, outdoor and online advertising.

Based in South Africa, Marnox Media represents various Media Owners across the African Continent.

We provide our clients with a full spectrum service.

We facilitate the buying of advertising space on behalf of our clients across many different African countries.

We are situated at:

19 Ralda Road, Blairgowrie, Randburg, 2194, South Africa

Implementing Advertising Campaigns into Africa is as simple as:

  1. Selecting the Countries you would like to advertise in.

  2. Defining your Budget, Time Frame, Objectives and Requirements.

  3. Clicking the “Send” button on an e-mail to us and Marnox Media will take care of the rest!

Or you can request Rate Cards and Information for the countries and media you would like to advertise in.

You can then plan your media schedules and book the space with us.

We will ensure that your advertising is booked and flighted. We handle all the payments to the various media owners.

We provide you with proof of flighting as well.

Please contact us so we can impress you with our professional service!

Meet the Team

Mark Knocker
Managing Director

Sipho Fakela
Partner: Strategy, Planning & Buying

Kerri Jacobs

Noreen Bhila
Senior Media Buyer

Garry Rogers
Namibian Team Leader